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The world is a much better place now in terms of opportunities in making a living. Back then, you either work the hard way or not work and die of hunger. Today, many people enjoy the comfort, convenience and many other perks of working from home on a multitude of job opportunities that mainly deals with computers or the use of technology. Well, we need to at least learn how to speak the language of today that has long since gone digital. The great thing about modern life is that you don’t necessarily have to break your back to earn a fortune or simply make a living. It’s all about leveraging now and using effective platforms that will help you rack in the bucks even if you are no longer doing the actual work anymore.

In short, let’s talk about the work potential when it comes to blogging. Not everyone are gifted with words, so it might be a setback for many who cringe at the thought of writing something intelligible, much more something they can make money from. Well, there are vlogs. In here, you don’t necessarily have to write and be bashed by intellectuals for all the possible writing mistakes you may make but you still need some sort of storyline, great ideas, awesome camerawork, and adept in using computers as you need to upload it somewhere and capture people’s attention. But for the most part, it is the written form that populates the World Wide Web the most. Written content is a must in just about every industry or company but not everyone knows how to write accurate and compelling stuff that speaks about what they want to convey. Others don’t necessarily work for others but establish their own blog sites where they can regularly publish pieces of their thoughts that hopefully many will comes follow and visit often for you to be able to make money from it.

However, if you’re starting a blog for the purposes of making money, and you’re not actually passionate about writing in the first place, then you’re largely wasting your time. The art of blogging isn’t simply scientific or formulaic. Without a deep-seated passion for your craft, you’ll face a tide of frustration and upset.

Why? While it’s relatively straightforward to begin a blog, it’s a monumental undertaking to generate any semblance of traffic and profit from your arduous efforts. You need laser-focus and persistence to build an audience or reach mass saturation with your prose. It takes time and it takes long and drawn out evenings burning the proverbial midnight oil.

Take it from me. As a blogger who’s built a substantial platform with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors, I can bask in the warm glow of success. However, I can’t sit around for too long enjoying the freedom and passive income that my blog has created. Without constantly adding insatiable content, any blog can die off.


See, it is possible because many have already done it and are still doing it now but the catch is not everyone becomes successful at it. For many, it usually starts off as a hobby then a source of passive income until the bloggers realize they can make serious money from it over time. And seeing that many are already jumping in on the blogging bandwagon, one can easily get tempted to also give it a try. However, be warned that not everyone gets successful on this on their 1st try, 2nd, or even not at all. Writing or sharing stories is a flair not everyone has. And besides that, there are other factors that you need to take into consideration when blogging that can make or break your attempt to blog.

  1. Monetize your blog

Once you’ve built a strong following and engagement on your blog, you can monetize it and start generating revenue. You can monetize your blog in many ways. Here are a few of the most common:

Advertisements: Selling ad space is the easiest way to monetize your blog. You can get started by signing up for Google AdSense, a program that allows bloggers to make money by displaying ads. Once you’ve built a solid follower base, you can start selling direct ad spaces so you don’t have to share your revenue with any ad networks like AdSense.

Sell products: Selling products on your blog is the best way to create a steady stream of passive income. Unlike monetizing with ads, you don’t necessarily need to have a huge traffic base in order to make a solid income. You’ll have to build trust among your audience and create quality digital or physical products that solve a specific issue they face.


Of course, for many who have tried blogging just because they want to earn money, you should be savvy in monetizing your blog to be able to reach your goal. You don’t just put up a blog site, write and fill it up with contents, and expect it to make money without you doing more. There are different ways to do it, so you should know what your target is, is it doable and practical for you, and how you plan of doing it. Your plans should be coupled with action for you to achieve something fruitful. Whether it be selling products, advertising, or through affiliate marketing, you should tap any of these means for you to finally earn from your blog at last. It takes some time and planning but once you figure out the formula and do something about it, your blog may be the pot of gold you have been looking for.

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