Is A Medical Job For You?

Most people think over and over about what career path they will be pursuing some day and it all starts with the course/major you take up in college. Education is the best preparation for your bright future in whatever profession you decide to practice. Most of the time, the youth are influenced by their family and friends by their career choice and they end up taking up something they aren’t really passionate about. There are various career choices out there and you can choose whether to work in conventional jobs in offices, institutions, or in the health care field or in newer and more in-demand specialties in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science.

If there is a career many admire but are at the same quite afraid of, it is a job in the medical field. The idea that you are dealing with human lives and one mistake can cost another person’s life is a frightening thought for anyone just starting out their profession but still, many students take up a health-related course for various reasons. Aside from being well-compensated, the satisfaction one can get from saving a person’s life is more than what they can ask for in life. It has become their mission and vocation to be an instrument for everyone to become healthy and well again.

If Damore is to be believed, women seek out jobs in “social or artistic areas”and are proven to be more prone to “neuroticism”and thus to “higher anxiety”and “lower stress tolerance.”It’s worth remembering that the rise of women in medicine over the last generation has taken place in a profession renowned for its exacting and rigorous training in basic sciences, bench science and gruelling clinical work. Although physicians may often get too much credit from the general public for the work they do (especially compared to other equally stressful, lower-status and, yes, female-dominated jobs in health care), the hours, stress and high stakes of medical training and practice are undeniable. If women as a group lack the qualities required to do the job, how are they thriving in medicine?


These days, more and more women are working in the health field – a field that used to be dominated by men. It clearly shows that a medical job is no longer gender-discriminating and that anyone who has a passion for helping the sick and serving the public can thrive in this work setting. Actually, men are more inclined to pursue a tech-related career today because there is a big demand for it in today’s modern world. Yet a health care-related work can’t just be ignored because people need someone to attend to their needs from conception to death and everything else in between.

Healthcare and Medical professionals are in demand, with job ads on Seek growing 9 per cent from April to June when compared to the same period last year. In Wellington, this advertising has increased by 23 per cent.

Janet Faulding, General Manager for SEEK NZ, said the Healthcare & Medical industry is one of New Zealand’s largest employing and fastest growing industries, underpinned by strong population growth and our aging population.

“The national average advertised annual salary across the Healthcare & Medical industry on SEEK is $72,339,”said Faulding.

“The largest advertising Healthcare & Medical sub-sector on SEEK is Nursing, with its many specialised areas, it comprises of around one-third of all jobs being nationally advertised across the industry,”she added.

One Nursing sub-sector showing consistent strength is Aged Care, with annual growth of 8 per cent year on year [Apr-June 17 v Apr-June 17].


It’s interesting that despite the advances in our technology, the demand for healthcare remains or even increases as more diseases and health conditions now plague mankind. Cancer that used to be a rare condition is now afflicting people of all walks of life and our lifestyle has a lot to do with it. With the morbidity and mortality rates constantly rising, we need more manpower in the health industry than ever. Germs are becoming more resistant to antibiotics leaving behind a long trail of sick patients that not only need medical attention but your tender, loving care.

Like any other job, it is a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it. You handle lots of modern equipment in caring for patients and not to mention you get puked at, yelled at, and overworked while multitasking a myriad of tasks where some are even no longer a part of your job description but making a difference in your patient’s life is priceless and a simple thank you can often ease all your stress and exhaustion away. Sign up for a medical-related course now because we need more angels in the sick room.

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