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Our health is important to us because a healthy body allows us to do a lot of things. Not even money can save us from the brink of death because if it can, all the rich people will no longer die but they still do. Seconds to minutes matter when an emergency strikes. It’s all about the A-B-Cs – airway, breathing, and circulation. Unfortunately, not everyone has a medical background and can confidently act and respond during medical emergencies.

Emergency medical service networks come in handy during dire situations as they are instrumental in saving people’s lives. It is no longer a novel concept considering we have 911 for the longest time now. For those requiring emergency services, they can call certain numbers to ask for immediate assistance and people for which individuals with medical emergencies have benefited greatly from these types of services. This is especially more helpful as we become increasingly reliant on the use of modern contrivances in our daily lives.

Verizon Communications has unveiled plans to develop a first responder network that will compete with rival AT&T’s FirstNet.

The carrier claims to control around two-thirds of the police, fire, and other first responders market, according to US reports. It will run separate lanes of traffic to commercial line in order to prioritise public-safety services.

“We’re serious about remaining extremely relevant in this space,” Michael Maiorana, a Verizon senior vice president who oversees the effort, said in an interview with Urgent Communications.

“We believe our customers deserve a choice and that competition drives innovation and—ultimately—best price. Bottom line, we want to keep our customers, and we want them to have the best-in-class services that technology can provide.”

(Via: http://www.capacitymedia.com/Article/3741819/News/Verizon-to-build-emergency-services-network-to-compete-with-AT-Ts-FirstNet)

The truth is, it’s actually no longer surprising to find out about such services being offered by private companies like Verizon since we can’t deny there is a need for it as the population increases and the technology needed to make these things work are now readily available. People use technology in their day-to-day now, so it is understandable if medical responders also use the same tools in reaching out to people in the provision of the services they offer.

A new system for alerting emergency services to the precise location of assault victims and incapacitated callers is to go live in the coming weeks.

Ireland will be among the first countries in Europe to activate the Advanced Mobile Location (AML) on android phones.

It works by automatically finding a phone’s GPS co-ordinates and sending a text message to the call centre after a person rings 112/999.

Currently when an injured caller is unable to give a location the emergency services have to rely on the nearest phone mast, which could be up to 15km away.

Emergency call centres receive an average of 4,000 mobile phone calls a day.

(Via: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/new-system-will-locate-callers-in-an-emergency-36040425.html)

Time is of the essence during medical emergencies. These centralized systems are great and efficient means to respond to any health-related crisis. Lifesaving measures can be initiated at once and people no longer have to wait to get to the hospital to receive medical interventions that only trained professionals can do. Not only sick people can benefit from these services but those trauma victims that suffer from accidents and other mishaps that nobody has foreseen.

Well, that’s why they are called accidents in the first place. Contacting an emergency medical service provided by your network is the next best thing any person can have and can give them total peace of mind for whatever little surprises life has in store for you especially if it is a potentially life-threatening one like in sickness and in injuries that require medical assistance.

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