A Brighter Future With Public Education For All

Education is a form of intangible wealth that can’t be taken away from you forever. It is your ultimate tool to remain globally competitive and succeed in this world that is far becoming more technological than ever. It is the reason why you go to school from your early years until you get a degree and are ready to face the real world. Unfortunately, education does not always come cheap.

Public education is available to the majority of the American youth from primary to secondary school as long as you are okay with the system. Public schools can be stressful for students but it is better to get an education than nothing at all.

Getting an education even becomes more challenging (and even impossible for some) during college. It becomes optional. High school graduates who can’t afford to pay for high college tuition fees join the workforce and forget about their bigger dreams that a good education can help you realize. It is why states like Texas are doing something to address issues regarding public education because most Americans can’t afford private school nor pay for college but it does not mean there is no hope for them anymore.

A road trip to the state capitol may not seem to be the best way spend a spring break, but that’s how second grade teacher Sarah Marsch was spending her Monday.  Instead of hitting the beach, Marsch and other educators spent the morning navigating the hallways of the capitol extension.

“The kids deserve an education more than one day out of my Spring Break,”said Marsch.

This trip, organized by the Texas American Federation of Teachers, was to promote public education. The group is passionate about their message but Texas AFT is competing with several hot topics for the attention of state lawmakers. Emotional debates have already been held on legislation to ban sanctuary city policies, as well as on a proposal to regulate access to rest rooms.

(Via: http://www.fox7austin.com/news/local-news/241339423-story)

They believe that the children’s future is worth fighting for and they will do their best for their voices to be heard by the politicians who shape the future of our country.

It has been said that passions, only passions, can elevate the soul to great things.

As we reflect on the third nine weeks of school, it is clearly evident that we are surrounded by exceptional students, outstanding employees, supportive parents, a visionary Board of Trustees and a community that truly values the importance of education. With everyone’s commitment and dedication to the success of “Every Child, Every Classroom, Every Day,” we indeed bring forth positive changes throughout the Victoria Independent School District.

(Via: https://www.victoriaadvocate.com/news/2017/mar/11/proper-state-funding-for-public-education-is-vital/)

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Hundreds of Houston ISD educators, parents and students used their first day of spring break to advocate for education at the State House.

At about 6:30 a.m., nine charter buses hit the road for Austin all set to meet with lawmakers regarding the latest issues facing education.

The Houston Federation of Teachers led the charge. President Zeph Capo says they will spend the time to focus on two main issues including funding.

“The state says that we are rich,”explained Capo. “However, if you ask any one of the teachers or even the students that are with us today they’ll say they can’t tell that from their classrooms.”

(Via: http://www.khou.com/news/local/public-schools-rally-in-austin-on-monday/422101762)

It does not help that President’s new Education secretary appointment faces a lot of criticisms and backlash from the public in general.

After a tie-breaking vote by Vice President Mike Pence, Betsy DeVos was named the nation’s Secretary of Education. DeVos, having only recently secured the title, has stirred up quite a bit of commotion in the United States.

Billionaire DeVos is the most recent Trump administration controversy to fill Twitter feeds in the last week or so, but this time, the controversy is surrounding not just education as it sits, but potentially the education of generations to come.

But then, you can’t blame the people for not liking her and doubting her capabilities to perform her job well.

Much of the criticism surrounding any important party-affiliated decision can be logically traced back to the other party, but in DeVos’s case, both parties seem to have their own fair share of issues. This comes from a huge concern regarding DeVos’s lack of experience in education.

Other than only showing her support for school vouchers and charter school implementation countrywide, DeVos has little experience in the education system.

It seems almost as if DeVos has only her financial power and a night of reading education articles to thank for her position as Secretary of Education of the United States.

(Via: http://www.nwmissourinews.com/opinion/article_3126241a-f8b1-11e6-a54a-d7d1b21aab52.html)

Other do not see her as a good fit for the role because she likely has no idea what the education department needs – especially the needs of the schools and the students. What we all need is someone who has genuine interest to improve public education, so our youth grows up to be educated individuals who can help America regain greatness despite the many flaws of its political system.

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