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I can definitely relate to this post by Jay Fleischman – I Do Not Have A Home Office. I generally work at any hour, in whatever location I happen to be in. As long as I have my bag of tricks and a place to sit, I can do something for work: read a book for a review, write a post or two, and if I have the internet I can of course hit Twitter or read my RSS Feeds.

This is what Jay says about offices and self-employment:

We choose to have an office so that we may have a work-life balance. But self-employed professionals and knowledge workers do not have a work-life balance; their work is their life, and their life is a part of their work. It’s like saying you have an “eating-digesting balance;” sometimes you eat, sometimes you digest. but it’s all part of the same organic whole, the yin-yang that makes up who you are.

Richard Kershaw has some thoughts on this topic as well, including a list of the tools and methods that he employs when going mobile:

Like many self-employed geeks, working remotely is pretty straightforward. Forgive the cliche: the hard part is deciding to do it. …Since I arrived in Berlin last week, I thought I’d give the lowdown on my mobile office.

Do you work from home, or a “mobile” location? Are you non-virtual too?

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