Do You Have PMS?

Kate wrote an interesting post last week about personal mission statements [PMS,eh?] at Blog to Discovery, which has generated quite a comment thread.

My last comment was:

I like mission statements, (habit #2, BTW) and I believe that writing a personal mission statement is just as important as writing a corporate version.

“It can get hard to remember that you came in to drain the swamp when you are up to your a$$ in alligators.”

(I grew up in Florida ;-))
Dealing with the daily interruptions and crises and customer requests and management screw-ups can knock you off the track of your main business (or personal) focus. Staying on-track is how you grow, putting out fires is not part of a personal development program.

So here is an idea and suggestion for those of you that have completed the exercise from this week’s 7 Habits post:

Print your personal mission statement on an adhesive label and stick it to the front of your planner. Or on your desk blotter. Or, well, anywhere that you look frequently, so that when you feel yourself getting blown off-course, you can get your bearings and correct.

Please take a picture of your label, stuck where you can see it, and send it to me at stephen [at] hdbizblog [dot] com. I will put them all up on Saturday as part of the review post.

5 thoughts on “Do You Have PMS?

  1. Yes, I agree I had no idea that personal mission statements were so controversial, in fact I thought I was one of the few people without one! Its good to get a bit of a debate going on my blog though, its my first one!

    Once I have my statement I do intend to put it in obvious places as you suggest, however I’m afraid I don’t think I will have a picture for you by the weekend; I’ve got as far as downloading the first habit worksheet :D

  2. What I found out about writing my personal mission statement, is that the mission statement itself doesn’t provide the value for me. But the underlying personal core values are a guiding beacon for me when I need to make big choices, and the goals I derived from the mission statement are useful on a day to day basis.

    The best way for me to stay on track is to keep doing my weekly review, which includes holding myself accountable for my goals.

    Nevertheless, printing it on an adhesive label is a good tip. I’m making a plastic ‘credit card’ that can go in my wallet, that’s one of the place I look pretty often :) I’ll make a picture for your post.

    (I hate the PMS abbreviation btw, way too many negative connotations with that one)

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