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Productivity Zen LogoThere is a new site called Productivity Zen that launched on Monday (1 October) which carries links to a set of popular posts on Productivity themed blogs.

This list of fast-growing sites is powered by an aggregator called Social Rank which purports to “solve the problem of finding the very best niche content“. From the info page:

You have so many interests, but so little time… 1,000 new blogs are created every second… how do you stay on top of your key interests? Visit any one of the blog communities powered by SocialRank and you’ll immediately discover the top stories – and ONLY the top stories. You’ll get better content and learn more – in less time.

In the bigger picture, the internet is growing really quickly. There are many voices on the internet, and we need an easy and fair way to identify the top voices, and help you rapidly discover them.

There are currently just a handful of topics covered, with more on the way. I am very excited to have been included on the list of “Top Productivity Blogs” for content, as voted on by a peer-group. This is how the Social Rank team generates an initial list:

We invite a few select bloggers in each niche to participate in a ‘nomination phase’. These key bloggers nominate other blogs in their niche that they feel provide great content and should be indexed by SocialRank.

From a list of around 20 key bloggers in each field, we use a peer review system to identify the top 100 blogs for every niche.

The SocialRank algorithm does the rest. Based on this initial ’seeding’ – it will now study the blogs within that niche area and identify the hottest stories each day.

For the Productivity-minded, here is a sample of what you can find there today:


Things to Consider Before Getting Married 15 comments SocialRank

After 7 years of marriage I can honestly say that I would do it again. I’d marry the same woman without changing a thing. Well, maybe we would have spent our money a little more conservatively but as far as the the…


2. Try Stand Up Meetings 8 comments SocialRank

Probably the biggest issue with workplace meetings is their length. Almost always, meetings take longer than is necessary. This is particularly true for those daily keep-us-up-to-date meetings.You could try killing…


3. Bulk food buying may lead to a more cluttered lifestyle 23 comments SocialRank

You can definitely take advantage of prices by buying bulk, but don’t let the deals lead you to buy things that you otherwise would not purchase, cannot physically consume before the expiration date, or have to…


4. Four Rules to Understand What Makes People Tick – 5 comments SocialRank

Breaking down human behavior into rules might seem like a gross simplification. But even with the complexities, it is easy to fall into the same mistakes. I’d argue that many heated fights, lost sales and broken…

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5. Tuesday’s Tip: Get a Good Pen 5 comments SocialRank

This may seem trivial and not even worth mentioning, but I think it is important. Your performance is related to how comfortable you are with your tools. Even if you spend most of your time on the computer, a good…


6. Thoughts on LEAN and the GTD Workflow, Part I 6 comments SocialRank

The inspiration for this series of articles comes from Jens Poder at KnowledgeCraft blog, where he discusses using Toyota’s LEAN methodology to introduce some new features into his GTD practice. Over the course of the…


7. 10 Lessons to Teach Your Kids About Money 26 comments SocialRank

Photo by Iadnlins Every Tuesday is Finance & Family Day at Zen Habits.I’m only now learning habits that I wish I had when I was entering adulthood. I think I’m not alone here, but if I had these habits when I was…


8. 5 Quick and Easy Memory Tricks – Dumb Little Man 5 comments SocialRank

Did you know that 50% of your memory ability is determined by your genetics?Before you start feeling like you are doomed, remember that you have the power to affect the other 50% of your ability by practicing some smart…

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9. How to Survive as the Family Tech Support Guy (or Gal) 36 comments SocialRank

One of the most insidious pressures on tech-savvy people these days is the seemingly constant pressure to provide quick, top-quality computer and web support — to our families. If you happen to do web design, system…


10. Just Do It! 4 comments SocialRank

When I started studying self-improvement I often thought about a few of the little catchphrases I have heard throughout life. I thought about well, how kinda stupid they were. How self-help catchphrases like “Just be…


11. Challenging Telework Myths | Web Worker Daily 9 comments SocialRank

We’ve looked at some of the common myths about home-based web work in the past – the ones about us all being naked, or getting lonely. But there’s another set of myths that is even more pernicious: the ones that can…

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12. Open Thread: How Do You Use Online Office Apps? [Web Worker Daily] 8 comments SocialRank

Adobe’s acquisition of Virtual Ubiquity, announced today, and Microsoft’s unveiling of Office Live Workspace bring yet more attention to online office apps. Whether online alternatives will entirely replace…


13. A Message to Baby Boomers and Generation X 15 comments SocialRank

When I hear people my age (35+) rip the younger generation I usually keep my mouth shut. But I have something I need to say, so this is my public response to the people who think there is something wrong with young…


14. Do you suffer from bad luck? 9 comments SocialRank

Here’s how to improve your fortuneAre you one of those people who are always suffering setbacks? Does little ever seem to go right for you? Are you dogged by constant instances of sheer bad luck? Do you sometimes feel…


15. Month in Review – September 2 comments SocialRank

Yeah, I dropped the ball on the July and August monthly reviews. But now that life is a little more sane, I’m going to get back to it.Thanks to your readership, September was our biggest month yet!!

Congratulations to all of the bloggers that are featured in the beginning of this new experiment. For a complete list of the Social Rank blogs, check out these sites:



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